Can You Cater Here? A Guide To Unique Venues, Far Away Locations, And No Kitchen.

Miere Catering is an all terrain catering company. We travel anywhere in Oregon and Washington, even to places that don’t have a kitchen or venue at all for that matter.

If you do have a venue, we have all the permits and insurance that any venue in Oregon or Washington may require. Whether it is a requirement of the venue or not, our team will always assist in breaking down any rentals and cleaning the space after the event. 

It is important to note that “venue” is also a broad term. Of course we work at locations such as Blockhouse PDX or Society Hotel, but we also serve many weddings at Airbnb’s. As long as you have the permission of the owner to hold your wedding there, we are happy to serve!

No Kitchen? No Problem

For venues without kitchens, no problem. As long as we have the appropriate space we can build a mobile kitchen on site.

This may increase your rental fees, but it does allow you to have full service catering wherever you desire. Our chef will work with you to develop a menu that will have the same level of quality with our mobile kitchen that we would have with a commercial kitchen.

And yes, this totally means you can have your reception somewhere crazy like on the side of Mount Hood in an apple orchard or at a remote lake in the Mt. Baker wilderness. We do it more often than you think.

Far Away Locations

Speaking of Mt. Baker—we are always excited to go on a road trip for our events! It allows us to serve weddings in epic locations and share our love of food and amazing service with the entire PNW.

After serving many adventure elopements with some of our favorite vendors such as Between the Pine, Emmett Joseph Photography, Wanderkings, and so many more we really believe we have cracked the code on serving an amazing meal for your most important day, at absolutely any location.

Your quality of service will be no different than any other event we serve. We will deliver all your rentals, florals, wedding cake, staff, etc. just the same.

How Much Does It Cost?

For any location that is more than 120 minutes from our base in Vancouver WA, there will be a travel fee per staff member to cover gas, drive time, accommodation, and meals.

Here is a list of estimated travel fees per staff member for some of our most popular locations (fees may increase for certain locations during busier times of the year when accommodation is higher):

  • Hood River, Oregon no travel fee
  • Manzanita, Oregon $320
  • Ashford, Washington $320
  • Seattle, Washington $380
  • Bend, Oregon $410
  • Leavenworth, Washington $470
  • Forks, Washington $560
  • Mt. Baker Wilderness Area, Washington $560
  • Brookings, Oregon $590


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