Fusion Cuisine

Can you mix Italian and Mexican while still using Pacific Northwest local ingredients? Is that weird? 


Not at all.


Whether it’s your culture or just your favorite foods you are hoping to incorporate, we always love a good fusion cuisine challenge! Our favorite method for creating a seamless fusion menu is finding common ingredients or dishes in the cuisines and mashing them together in a thoughtful, elegant way.


For example, pork and corn are staple ingredients in Mexican cuisine so we believe that an Italian, corn-based dish, polenta, should go surprisingly well with Mexican carnitas. These ingredients are easily sourced from our area, keeping the foundation of the dish local. Top it with some beautiful garnishes and you have an elegant Mexican, Italian, PNW main course for your guests!


Dungeness Crab Salad Wontons

Pork Belly Bao—Two Ways
Hoison and Kimchi Mayo
Sweet Thai and Basil W/ Cashews

Poached White Asparagus
Hollandaise, Crispy Prosciutto, Rosemary Flowers

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